Govt defends Chief Justice

Govt defends Chief Justice

He is requested to participate in proceedings from Oct 5

Advocate General Ashok Haranahalli, has stated that the allegation against the Chief Justice is very disturbing. “Several allegations made in the representation to the Chief Justice of India, do not merit any consideration. The allegation regarding speedy disposal of bail applications is absolutely without any merit. Merely because several bail applications are disposed of by the CJ on a particular day, no adverse inference can be drawn about the integrity of the judge” he stated in a release.

The AG further states that despite the Chief Justice being in the office for more than a decade, the allegations have been raked up when his name was being considered for elevation to the Supreme Court. “At this stage the question is whether the allegation could be treated as gospel truth and whether that could be the basis to publicly question the integrity of the Judge”.

While stating that the Judge and his family owning vast extent of properties does not lead to an inference that the man is of doubtful integrity, the AG has said that it does not mean that the allegations cannot be looked into. The correctness has to be examined by the CJI and is not a matter for public debate and criticism, he has said.  Citing the Karnataka State Bar Council’s decision to repose faith in the Supreme Court Collegium and the CJI, the AG has said that it is appropriate for the CJ to sit in the Bench and conduct court proceedings while the allegations are looked into.

It may be recalled that Justice Dinakaran has been alleged to have acquired assets disproportionate to his known sources of income, and that he has been involved in other irregularities. Justice Dinakaran has denied the allegation, saying that he belonged to a rich agrarian family, and that he did not indulge in any corrupt practices.

He also said he had acquired the assets before becoming a judge.

The Forum for Judicial Accountability took up the issue raised by senior advocates of the Madras High Court  and sent a representation to the President and the Prime Minister as well as CJI seeking their intervention in the matter.

The Advocates’ Association of Bangalore has urged him not to preside over the bench till he is cleared of the allegations.