Trains cancelled, diverted due to floods

Trains cancelled, diverted due to floods

Many passengers were seen frantically enquiring about their train status at the station. One of them was Abhay Jain, who had booked his ticket to Hyderabad through Tatkal, arrived at station only to find that his train had been cancelled. 

"I had to go to Hyderabad, now I have to look for other options,” he said.

Passengers, who arrived at the railway station, on Saturday, had to go back since five express trains between Mantralayam Road, Iranagallu on Guntakal Division and Karnool Town Alampur on Hyderabad division of South Central Railways were cancelled due to floods in North Karnataka and parts of AP.

Trains cancelled

*Train No.7603 Kacheguda-Yeswantpur Express leaving Kacheguda including slip coach service between Kacheguda-Hubli was cancelled.
*Tr. No.7604 Yeswantpur-Kacheguda leaving Yeswantpur including slip coach service between Hubli and Kacheguda is cancelled.
*Tr. No.6513 Yeswantpur-Bagalkot Express leaving Yesvantpur.
*Tr. No.6514 Bagalkot-Yeswantpur Express leaving Bagalkot.
*Tr. No.2785 Kacheguda-Bangalore  Express leaving Kacheguda.
*Tr. No.2786 Bangalore-Kacheguda Express leaving Bangalore.
*Tr.No.7429 Hyderabad-Tirupati Rayalaseema Express leaving Hyderabad.
*Tr.No.7430 Tirupati-Hyderabad Rayalaseema Express leaving Tirupati.
*Tr. No.7415 Tirupati-Kolhapur(CSMT) Haripriya Express leaving Tirupati.
*Tr. No.7416 Kolhapur(CSMT)-Tirupati Haripriya Express leaving Kolhapur cancelled.
*Tr. No.6594 Bangalore-Nanded Link Express leaving Bangalore
*Tr. No.6593 Nanded-Bangalore Link Express leaving Nanded.
*Tr. No.8464 Bangalore-Bhubaneshwar Prashanti Express leaving Bangalore.
*Tr. No.7226  Hubli-Vijayawada AmaravathiExpress leaving Hubli is cancelled and partially
between Guntakal and Vijayawada.

Trains diverted

*Tr. No.2627 Bangalore-New Delhi Karnataka Express leaving Bangalore diverted to run via Guntakal, Bellary, Gadag and Solapur.
*Tr. No.2975 Mysore-Jaipur Express leaving Mysore diverted to run via Bangalore, Renigunta, Gudur, Vijayawada, Kazipet and Balharshah  stations.
*Tr. No.2164 Chennai-Dadar Egmore Express leaving Chennai diverted to run via Guntakal, Hubli, Miraj and Pune stations.
*Tr. No.1042 Chennai-CSTM (Mumbai) Express leaving Chennai diverted to run via Guntakal, Hubli, Miraj and Pune stations.
*Tr. No.7651 Chennai (Egmore)-Kacheguda Express leaving Chennai diverted to run via Renigunta, Gudur, Vijayawada, Kazipet, Sithapalmandi, & Kacheguda stations.
*Tr. No.7652 Kacheguda-Chennai(Egmore) Express leaving Kacheguda diverted to run via Kazipet, Vijayawada, Gudur & Renigunta stations.                                       
*Tr. No.1014 Coimbatore-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express leaving Coimbattore  diverted to run via Bellary, Hubli, Miraj and Pune stations.
*Tr. No.6529 CSTM(Mumbai)-Bangalore Express leaving Mumbai diverted via Pune, Miraj, Hubli and Guntakal stations.
*Tr. No.545 Bijapur-Raichur Passenger leaving Bijapur is short terminated at Wadi and returned as Tr. No.546 Passenger from Wadi to Bijapur.
*Tr. No.545/546 Bijapur-Raichur-Bijapur Passengers was cancelled.