State wants 140 tmc to water 12.75 lakh acres

CRA estimation faulty, govt tells apex court

Terming Tamil Nadu’s plea for 2 tmc water daily as not maintainable, Karnataka on Tuesday submitted before the Supreme Court that the State itself required 140 tmc water for irrigating 12.75 lakh acres of land while the present and future storages were just 110 tmc.

“If the Cauvery River Authority (CRA) had this estimation, (made by an expert committee) it would not have passed the order directing Karnataka to ensure 9,000 cusecs from September 20 to October 15, 2012,” it said.

In a rejoinder submitted to the court, it said the CRA chairperson did not consider it relevant to refer to any distress sharing formula, nor laid down any such formula, while directing the release of 9,000 cusecs of water.

“In none of the distress years viz 1995-96, 2002-03 and 2003-04 was any ‘pro-rata’ methodology applied. The estimation of shortfall as 47 tmc based on pro-rata formula cannot be relied upon,” it said.

It is important to note that the average of the last 38 years showed that between October 16 and January 31, the intermediate catchment itself contributes 47 tmc. Even if the northeast monsoon is not normal, the less than normal contribution from intermediate catchment would come down from 47 tmc to 27.79 tmc, if the shortage has to be 41 per cent like southwest monsoon so far, it added.

It also claimed that the State had drawn 57 tmc at the end of September, whereas in the last five years, it had drawn 68.93 tmc between June and September.

The State reiterated that its requirement is 140 tmc for irrigation and drinking water.

“The deficit calculated on the basis of mechanical principle of pro-rata is misleading. The ground realities are the basis for estimating the requirements in both the states. Tamil Nadu’s requirement is 1 tmc per day and not 1.2 tmc as alleged,” the rejoinder said.

Tamil Nadu had on September 25 filed the application in the court seeking direction to Karnataka to ensure 2 tmc of Cauvery water at Mettur reservoir during the current year.

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