CMC commissioner blamed for neglecting development works

CMC commissioner blamed for neglecting development works

The members of the City Municipal Council (CMC) took the commissioner to the task, at the general body meeting held here on Tuesday alleging negligence of develoment works.

At the meeting, the members of the Opposition, alleged that of late, there were hardly any development works being implemented in the City. And even those every few which were being implemented, were nothing  much to be spoken about, they said.

CMC member Milton Venkatesh said that the CMC Commissioner should have toured around the City and interacted with the citizens. He should have listened to their grievances and inspected the places where the development works were being implemented, he added.

The commissioner should conduct a reality check on the progress of the projects being implemented, causes for their delay, their drawbacks and measures on speeding up the processes.

Projects on drainage laying, road construction, water and sanitation were yet to be undertaken. There were hardly any projects on those lines, implemented in the City, Venkatesh expressed.

Speaking on the occasion, CMC member M Prakash said that the commissioner should deliver his responsibilities with honesty and dedication.

He should listen to the woes of the people and co-operate with the CMC members in implementing various development programmes. He should be a bridge between the members and the citizens and should take them into his confidence.

If there are any problems or any loopholes in the implementation of any programme, he should discuss with the CMC members and seek a solution for them. He should help remove the hurdles and ensure that progressive measures were not stalled, for lack of support and aid, he added.

Addressing the meeting, CMC President Bhaskar advised the officers to ensure that none of the projects were stalled without reason. If the projects are stalled, the CMC would become a subject of criticism among the citizens.

“It is the duty of the officers to ensure that the Council did not draw any criticism from any quarters and should try to ensure a positive image of the Council, among the citizens.”

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