Nothing insensitive in 'OMG' content: Paresh Rawal

Nothing insensitive in 'OMG' content: Paresh Rawal

Actor Paresh Rawal, whose last outing "Oh My God" is facing protest from certain sections of the society for allegedly hurting religious sentiments, says there is nothing insensitive in the content of the film.

A right wing Hindu outfit is protesting against the film and its actor Akshay Kumar, who is set to inaugurate the forthcoming International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa.

"I feel those who are protesting against the film, they have not watched it properly. There is nothing insensitive in the film and I believe those who have watched it has got the message. If there is so much problem then there would be no shows in Maharashtra and Gujarat. They feel those who raise protest are sensitive and others are not," Rawal said ahead of the screening of his play "Krishan VS Kanhaiya" here.

The popular play, adapted from Gujarati, formed the basis of the film, which hit theatres recently. Rawal presented the Hindi play at an event here, which was organised by Rotary Club Of Delhi Southend.

"It feels good when people appreciate the play. I get the maximum satisfaction in doing it because people think about the issue after the play gets over. We as an underdeveloped nation waste a huge amount of money in religious and spiritual activities," he said.
It is a quirky tale of an atheist married to a religious woman. There is always an argument about religion in the house and the protagonist (played by Rawal) ends up filing a case against God.

"This play has a lot of significance in my career or life because I relate to my character in real life too. My problem is not with God or any religion. I have a problem with those who tells themselves to be the God's messenger and we spend a huge cash on them rather looking at the poor people on streets," he said.