Curb anti-social forces, says Sonia Gandhi

Curb anti-social forces, says Sonia Gandhi

Curb anti-social forces, says Sonia Gandhi

Stressing on the need to uphold secular ideologies, AICC President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi said that it was the duty of every citizen to curb the anti-social forces and thwart attempts disturb the social fabric of the nation.

Emphasizing on the need to propagate ideas of humanity, Gandhi expressed concern over the increasing anti-social elements which are trying to break the secular system in India.

“It is our sacred duty to protect our glorious secular heritage, but nothing should be taken for granted. We all should stand up against those forces which are trying to disturb the secular heritage of India,” Sonia Gandhi said.

She was speaking after inaugurating the centenary celebrations of Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara temple, 22nd edition of Kudroli Dasara and the newly installed lift facility at the temple  on Thursday.

Emphasising on the significance of the ideologies and principles propagated by the founder of the temple Sri Narayanaguru, she said his fight against caste system, eradication of poverty and illiteracy stand as an example for all to follow.

“Narayanaguru opposed evil practices and spread the message of secularism, the concept of one caste, one religion and one world which are of greater relevance even to this day.

Kudroli temple perhaps stands as a testimony to the service and message of Narayanaguru. Let us all collectively resolve to dedicate ourselves to propagate the ideas of Narayanaguru,” she said.

She also expressed her happiness for getting an opportunity to visit Kudroli temple. “Twenty one years ago, three months before his death, my husband late Rajiv Gandhi had visited the temple to inaugurate the renovated temple. Hence, I consider it as a privilege to visit this temple and this visit is personally special for me,” said the UPA Chairperson.

Following the inauguration, Sonia offered prayers to the Lord and accepted ‘Sari’ as prasadam.

She was accompanied by Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary, MP Oscar Fernandes, KPCC President Dr G Parameshwara and others.