City beyond repair: Guv

City beyond repair: Guv

Governor Hans Raj Bhardwaj said on Thursday that Bangalore has been damaged beyond repair and that uncontrolled urbanisation is posing a serious threat to greenery here.

Speaking at the valedictory function of 58th Wildlife Week, the Governor said that Karnataka, especially Bangalore, has witnessed a sea change when it comes to environmental damage over the course of the last 25 years.

“Greedy people are building houses on lakes. There are hardly any proper water bodies in the City. Where have those lakes, which once occupied spaces next to Old Airport Road and Whitefield, disappeared? The garbage problem is another issue haunting the City,” he said.
Water wars imminent

Bhardwaj described the loss of tree cover in forests and river catchment areas as the main reason behind the water shortage — which ultimately poses the danger of leading to water wars.

“The recent fight for water between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is nothing but a man-made disaster. We, as humans, have failed to appreciate the value of co-existence in nature,” he said.

Co-vice chairperson of the Karnataka State Board for Wildlife Anil Kumble, called upon the people to start appreciating animals and birds in our surroundings. “We should give our kids proper exposure about these friends in nature.

Only then we can inculcate the value of conservation of wildlife among them. Wildlife protection should not be a one day or one week affair,” he said.