'The character has to excite me'

'The character has to excite me'

Different role

'The character has to excite me'

Abhishek Bachchan

From Refugee to Raavan, Abhishek Bachchan’s journey has proved one thing: he sure is a Bachchan in his own right. With Yuva, Dhoom, Bunty aur Babli and Dostana, he has not only proved that he is in the big league but also developed his own screen persona.

Abhishek’s on-screen idiosyncrasies are a few: the stubble, the suave and urbane mannerisms and the trademark jhatkas to name some. But he never fails to add more meaning to the role he essays.

Some say Abhishek is a better actor than his father. But Abhishek is quick to add that he has learnt honesty and sincerity from his father. “I can never be him but only aspire to be like him. The fact that he is always around for any advice anytime is a great privilege,” he told Metrolife.

Abhishek, who was in Bangalore for the launch of Omega’s mythical diver:The Omega Ploprof, says learning never ends. “Every new step is a new lesson in itself. I look at every role and always feel there’s room for constant improvement. There’s never a perfect moment,” he says and adds, “Every role I have performed so far has been the ones that I have enjoyed and would like to work on characters that are lively. I love doing films and working with different directors.”

Neither choosy or finicky about his roles, Abhishek is, however, firm that every character he plays must reflect his personality and excite him. And how did it feel acting as Big B’s father in Pa? “It was a funny situation. For once I had to look down on my dad. It was a different role,” he avers.

Abhishek says he has been approached by film-maker Rajiv Menon for a film inspired by Abhimaan where Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan acted together. “The new film is not a remake of Abhimaan but inspired by the same. It will have Aishwarya and me in the lead role. Nothing has been finalised yet,” he says. If Ash can do a Hollywood film and stand out, could

Abhishek be far behind? “Well if some good script comes along then why not? We could try that out as well,” he says smiling. And what is the most celebrated couple doing for Joy of Giving Week? “We’ll do just about everything to get a smile on people’s faces,” he beams. He is all praise for Bangalore. “The people and weather together make it a fun city, full of life,” he signs off.