Simplicity of 'English Vinglish' clicked: Sridevi

Simplicity of 'English Vinglish' clicked: Sridevi

Simplicity of 'English Vinglish' clicked: Sridevi

Sridevi is happy with her new taste of success with "English Vinglish". The veteran actress believes the simple story of a housewife stuck with the woes of the English language as well as expressive screenplay has helped the movie strike a chord with the audiences.

Sridevi is especially glad that it didn't take any melodrama to attract viewers.

" 'English Vinglish' is simple; that's why people like it. The film has simplicity and sensitivity. There is no melodrama. Some things have been conveyed just through expressions and no lines," Sridevi told IANS in an interview.

The 49-year-old, who has scorched the silver screen after 15 years and struck gold, is surprised at the praise that the movie, directed by first-timer Gauri Shinde, has garnered.

"I am not feeling anything at the moment. I am still dazed. I am not understanding what is happening around me. I guess it will still take some time to realise it," she said of the hoopla around the movie, which was made at a budget of Rs.15 crore and managed to mint over Rs.40 crore within two weeks of its release.

But the economics of the movie is not for her to understand, says the actress, wife of Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor.

"After the release of the movie, the box-office numbers are the distributors' and producers' domain. For me, of course, the success of the film matters, but the first thing is how the audiences are going to react and receive the film. The success then follows," she said.

In the past, Sridevi achieved success with films like "Sadma", "Nagina", "Mr. India", "Chandni", "ChaalBaaz", "Lamhe", "Khuda Gawah" and "Judaai" , after which she took a long break in 1997 to devote time to her family.
But the success of "English Vinglish" seems fresh to her.

"You can never get used to success. Every time it is a new thing. Every time you feel different," said Sridevi.

She plans to continue her acting career now, but says she will select her roles with caution.

"It's all about the script. I don't want to do something which makes me feel uncomfortable. It should suit my image and age," she said.
She also takes her husband's advice on her projects.

"He (Boney) is really involved. We share everything. With 'English Vinglish', he also read the script... We think alike and this makes it easier," she said.
Sridevi is yet to sign anything new after "English Vinglish".

"I am supposed to hear some scripts. I am still promoting 'English Vinglish'. So once I am done with this, I will see some more," she said.

Given her refreshing comeback, the audiences too are waiting for some more from Sridevi!

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