'Dude, what's the news?'

'Dude, what's the news?'


All ears: Despite the onslaught of technology, newspapers are still an important source of information for youngsters. Akanksha, Student

“I don’t really go looking for breaking news. I leave it to my friends to come and tell me what’s happening in the City.”

Jyothi, Student 
“I have to take a keen interest in the news because of the subjects I have taken up. Since my classwork is demanding, I’ve to keep myself updated  with the news that has some relevance to the subjects that I’ve taken. Even in the newspaper I search for news which is of importance to me.”

Dheeraj, Student
“I collect my news from word of mouth. Only for news on sports, I log on to the Internet and update myself. Since I am in class all day it’s only at night that I get time to browse through the paper or watch a bit of television, else it’s mainly the Internet.”

Shilpa, Student
“I go online most of the time to get any sort of information. I usually go to the official sites of the newspapers or at times we even get to read some of the breaking news on the networking sites as well. I generally don’t watch television for news and I also enjoy the supplements for light reading.”

Kriti, Student
“My parents have always been the ones to encourage me to read news. My first priority in the morning is to read the newspaper as I am preparing for my higher studies. I have also found that the newspaper is the best source of information for me.”

Shaheera, Student
“I glimpse through the paper and enjoy reading articles on general awareness. First thing in the morning, I tend to pick up the daily supplement for the Bollywood news.”

As told to Megha Shenoy