For the yearning hearts

For the yearning hearts


Melodious: Jude Lazaro and Robin Colaco. DH Photo by Manjunath M S

Bangalore’s theatre lovers who have enjoyed the wonderful music that Jude Lazaro and Robin Colaco have been creating on stage over the years were treated to a special evening of romantic ballads and old tunes from the classic greats of yester years at Reliance TimeOut.

Shoppers who dropped into the store were pleasantly surprised and those who had gathered especially to hear the duo were thrilled as they were taken on a delightful musical odyssey from the sixties to more recent hits. Some of the audience sang along while others hummed the popular tunes cheering the performers on through the two-hour long programme.

Jude, a full-time ad man with his lovely melodious voice and Robin, a maths teacher and a multi-talented musician with his extraordinary guitar, were playing simply delightful.
 In spite of the occasional power outage, the duo kept the tempo up interacting with the audience encouraging them to participate in the popular songs.

“We did a whole set on romantic ballads and sentimental songs over the last few months at different venues with some of the hits going as far back as the 40s but this time we reworked the list to include more recent hits like Say what you need to say by John Mayer  and Home by Chris Daughtry of American Idol fame, to cater to a younger audience,” said Jude.

Starting off with Billy Joel's romantic classic Just the way you are, the songlist covered classic favourites like Here I go again by Whitesnake.

Of course there were the golden oldies like Annie’s Song, Blue Suede Shoes  and Yesterday.

Also included was a special tribute to Michael Jackson in by way of Man in the Mirror.
“Music like this takes us down a special trip conjuring up memories from a certain period in one’s life such as being in college, falling in love or the inevitable heartbreak,” said Sangeeta, a member of the audience.

Between the two highly talented artists, those present were treated to an evening of musical delight with songs that had everything from melody and meaningful lyrics to sentiment and emotional appeal.