Coolest toys

Gear is Discovery Travel and Living’s new weekly series that will look at the coolest boy toys on the planet. Each episode finds host, Cameron Smith travelling to the US to play with toys that both the indoor technophile and the outdoor adventurer craves. The programme airs on October 5 at 11 pm. 

India’s most loved animals

Animal Planet presents Caught In The Moment — India at 9 pm on October 5. In this episode, hosts Tristan and Vanessa follow the story of India’s most popular wild animals. They visit the city-living monkeys of Jodhpur. The city is built on a desert oasis and the monkeys have taken full advantage of the perks of city life. Far from being pests, these monkeys are worshiped by the residents of the city, who believe they are the living incarnations of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman. Explore all new aspects of animal life and their strong connect with human life of the Indians.

‘Quality of daily shows has improved’

Starting his career with modelling, Tarun Anand came into limelight with Colors’ show Na Aana Is Des Laado. The talented actor speaks about his journey into the glam-world and his future plans.

How has life changed after Laado?
To be frank, I have lost count of my personal life. I sleep early, wake up early, go for shoots and come back. Life is so fast paced that I lose track of the days at times. When the shoot is over, I ask someone what day it is. But it is fun at the same time.
An actor’s life is like this, a little difficult, but I believe if you love doing something, then you can work really hard.

How did you land up with the role of Joginder in Laado?
I had gone to meet Sanjala, my friend, who is an executive producer with Shankuntalam Films. She said if I was interested, auditions were going on for their new show. So, I came the next day and gave the audition. And finally I landed with the role of Joginder on the show.

Was acting your first choice as a profession?

Now that you have done films and television, what do you expect from your acting career? How do you see yourself ten years from now?
I see four to five property investments, fixed amount of money rolling in and having the independence of choosing what roles I want to do.

If offered, will you do a reality show?
It will depend on the money I am offered. If the money is good, I may consider it otherwise why would I bother to put my personal life open in public and get into hectic schedules as doing a daily show is a tedious task in itself.

Is it true that you are into writing?
Yes, I do write. I am writing a script. I plan to make the film in three or four years.

From saas bahu soaps to love stories, television has had a transition. Are you happy with the current scenario of television?
Very much. Today, the scenario has really changed with Colors coming up with regional stuff. The quality of the daily shows has improved and the audiences are given smart stuff to see and it is a brilliant thing that the saas bahu sagas have come to an end as they were not doing any good to the society.

What do you do in your free time?
Now that I started acting in Laado, I hardly get time but whenever I get it, I try not to miss my workouts. Also spending time with family is important for me.

You have been associated with Shiamak Davar in the past. Do you see career in dance or choreography?
I worked with Shiamak for six years as an instructor. I know almost all types of dance. I have also trained many film stars. And for choreography as a career, I want to do it only for people I know as it has never been the aim of my life. I choreograph with my friend Henry and we prefer working for people we are comfortable with as there will be no disturbance. We are also choreographing for a film titled Mumbai Mast Kalandar.

What are your future projects?
Mumbai Mast Kalandar is going to release around Diwali and there is an untitled project starting in February but it is too early to talk about it.