This Dasara, testing ground for budding scribes

This Dasara, testing ground for budding scribes

 Naada Habba Dasara is not just a much awaited festival of the year, but a window to many opportunities. From jumbos to mahouts, artistes to traders and many others involved to keep the tempo, it’s the test of their mettle.

This year, for a bunch of 22 budding scribes, it has set the tone for their profession. The department of information and publicity has roped in 22 students of undergraduate course in journalism as media volunteers. The students belong to Maharaja’s College near Ramaswamy Circle and SBRR Mahajana First Grade College, Jayalakshmipuram.

It’s also for the first time the department thought of such an experiment, A R Prakash, deputy director of information and publicity department, Mysore told Deccan Herald.

Said Prakash: “There are as many as 25 programme venues. By involving students, the department intends to cover almost all the events and dispatch news to media houses. For students it’s a rare opportunity to learn and unlearn the nitty-gritty of the job too, especially with a major event like Dasara happening. Among the students, some are shouldering the task of reporting, and some others photography.

 To make their entry to the venues hassle-free, they have been provided with ID cards by the department. Most of the students from Maharaja’s belong to fourth and sixth semesters, while from Mahajana’s it’s novices; the students of first semester. If they are pursuing theory in classrooms, outside it’s practical at Dasara programme venues.

Chaya, a student of Mahajana’s told this paper, unlike their seniors in Maharaja’s, they (she and her classmates) had least exposure to the field. Anxiously, they took up the challenge as volunteers and feel acclimatised to the job after four days of exposure to the field. In case of any help, they don’t hesitate to ask seniors in the field, or the officers at information department. They write both in English and