Ready to face investigation, say accused IAC activists

Ready to face investigation, say accused IAC activists

India Against Corruption (IAC) members Anjali Damania and Mayank Gandhi, facing accusation of usurping plots through misdeclaration, said in a unison voice on Friday: “We are ready to face any probe. If any probe finds us guilty...we will resign.”

Earlier, in the day, IAC announced that the organisation would initiate an internal inquiry with key members comprising retired judges A P Shah, B H Marlapalle and Jaspal Singh.

The anti-graft organisation contended that Congress, the ruling party at the Centre, has been trying to deflect attention from itself “by indulging in mud-slinging. If any of our members are found guilty then the person would be expected to resign from the proposed party.

“Currently some allegations have been made against Damani, Prashant Bhushan and Mayank Gandhi... we are referring these cases to the ombudsmen to give a report within three months.”

In Mumbai, in a hurriedly called press meet, Gandhi and Damania vociferously defended their innocence. In a press meet held earlier in this week, Damania had charged BJP chief Nitin Gadkari of usurping a land from a poor farmer. On Thursday, a section of media highlighted rumours floating around for quite sometime: The anti-graft activist had herself manipulated officials while purchasing land. The rumour further said that she has posed herself as a farmer to get the land.

Damania told press: “I am legally a farmer and have documents to prove it. I have never indulged in “benami” transactions and have nothing to hide.” IAC’s Mayank Gandhi who was present in the press meet, also vehemently denied having any links with “dubious builders” as alleged by some persons.