Tele buzz

Tele buzz

See China run

On China, the new monthly show hosted by CNN correspondent and anchor Kristie Lu Stout, provides viewers with a unique insider’s view of China from within its own borders. Lu Stout sits down with thought and business leaders from within China’s borders for a roundtable discussion about what really drives this world power and economic giant.
You can catch the first episode — Inside the Chinese Communist Party — today at 5 pm, on CNN.

Pay back

When her father was framed for a crime he didn’t do, and sent to prison for life, Emily Thorne comes to the Hamptons with just one thing in mind…revenge. Nobody at the Hamptons knows the real reason why Emily decided to move there...especially not the Grayson family! Watch Revenge, every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm, on Star World.

Great minds?

Hosted by Filmmaker Ridley Scott, Prophets of Science Fiction will cover the life and works of the great minds of sci-fi, whose spark of imagination changed reality. Some of the exemplars featured in the series include Mary Shelley, Philip K Dick, H G Wells, and George Lucas amongst many others. Prophets of Science Fiction airs every night at 9 pm, only on Discovery Science.