Wounded tiger from Nagarahole brought to Mysore zoo

A wounded tiger, aged about 14 years, was brought to the Mysore zoo from the Anechowkur Range of the Nagarahole forest division early Saturday morning.

hurt in fight: The tiger injured in a territorial fight with another big cat in Nagarahole.  dh photo

The tiger is said to have sustained severe injuries during a territorial fight with another tiger. It had killed five cattle in the recent past.

The carcass of a cow it had killed on Friday was kept as a bait inside the cage to capture the tiger, near the Anechowkur range.

It fell into the trap on Friday night, according to a press release from B P Ravi, zoo executive director.

The zoo doctors have reported that there is a big maggot-infested wound just above the nose. The prognosis is guarded, said the press release.

It may be recalled that a few weeks earlier, a wild male tiger from H D Kote area was brought to the zoo for treatment. The said tiger has responded to the treatment, is recuperating well and also gained weight, said the press release.

Rescue centre

It is said both tigers were driven out of their territories due to old age and were venturing into the fringe areas looking for prey.

Due to the vigilant forest staff, these tigers were captured at the earliest possible time and brought to the Mysore zoo for treatment.

The Mysore zoo has proposed a rescue and rehabilitation centre (RRC) at Kurgalli near Mysore as part of a master plan.

The recent incidents necessitate the setting up of the RRC at the earliest, said Ravi.

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