Soon, MRI scans and IQ tests to nab paedophiles

Soon, MRI scans and IQ tests to nab paedophiles

Paedophiles have a differently-wired brain as it could be a biological problem some are born with, new research has claimed adding that a potential offender can be identified through MRI scans.

Experts believe they can identify paedophilia through MRI and IQ tests and just like clinical depression or bipolar disorder it can be treated and maybe one day cured.

Five studies have concentrated on abnormalities detected in paedophiles’ brains, with results discerning irregularities in the frontal lobe to observing paedophiles brain activity when they see images of naked children, the Daily Beast reported.

Sex offenders appear to have significantly less white matter-a substance that connects different parts of the brain—than those who are paedophiles, according to research by James Cantor, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

Cantor is working with new types of Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans known as diffusion tensor imaging to get a better sense of what he calls “the literal crosswiring of the brain” commonly found in paedophiles.

Cantor believes that a lack of connection between parts of the brain could mean that paedophiles struggle to differentiate between sexual objects.

His research found that the sexual predators generally have lower IQs and are disproportionately left-handed compared to the overall population.