People's problems

People's problems

Road humps required

Road humps are immediately required on the East End Main Road, opposite Carmel Convent School and also on the 32nd ‘F’ cross of Jayangar 4th ‘T’ Block.

While humps have been put up all over Jayanagar, the stretch in front of the Carmel Convent School has been completely neglected.  No action has been taken despite repeated requests to the BBMP and authorities concerned. Vehicles move at  high speed on the East End Main Road and it is dangerous for the schoolchildren to cross the road.

  The 32nd ‘F’ Cross too has no humps and vehicles zoom with high speed since the road slopes downwards. I request the authorities concerned to wake up and take note of the need for road humps to ensure safety of schoolchildren.

Rajashree  M Urankar,
Construct speed breakers

There are no road humps on Sarjapur main road stretch, before Caramalaram railway gate. Several educational institutions, old age homes and houses are located in the area. Motorists drive vehicles at high speed to avoid waiting at the railway gate, endangering the lives of pedestrians.

A large number of apartments are coming up in the area and explosives are being used to blast the rocks during excavation for the foundation of these apartments. This has resulted in damage to the existing houses with walls developing huge cracks. The authorities concerned are appealed to attend to the two problems at the earliest.

Kashinath K,
Christ University,

Road not restored

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board dug up the Rustam Bagh main road to lay sanitary lines. However, the road has not been restored even after the completion of the work. The stretch being a corner of the road, there are bottlenecks for the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. The BBMP should take urgent steps to restore the road to its original condition.

V  Padmanabhan,
Rustam Bagh Main Road.

Garbage blocking park entrance

The eastern entrance to the Madhavan Park in Jayanagar I Block is filled with garbage and filth to such an extent that the stench emanating from the garbage deprives morning and evening walkers of any fresh air.

The heaps are strewn all over the street with stray dogs making the place more messy. The garbage collected from around the First Block East and the Mountain Street apparently is  thrown all around in this place. It is high time the authorities concerned look into this unhealthy and filthy environment and clear the garbage at the earliest.  Some new benches were laid inside the Park, and the rubble of the old ones is yet to be cleared turning the place look shabby.

Will the concerned make the park a place a healthy and decent place for citizens  to spend some time and have the pleasure of breathing fresh and odourless air?
G S  Rao
Jayanagar, I Block (East)

Unsafe post boxes

There are two post boxes in HSR Layout Sector 1. One is in front of the post office in Agara Sector 1, and the other one is situated near Baroda Bank on 24th main sector 1. Both of these post boxes are not safe to post letters as they are not locked.

Instead, the post boxes are kept closed with a piece of string or a twig.  Sometimes, the doors of the post boxes are open at any time of the day. It is very easy for any one to remove the letters from the post boxes as there is no lock and one cannot be certain whether the letters have been taken by the postman or any miscreant. The Postal department should put locks on these post boxes at the earliest

Industry in residential area

An AC manufacturer has set up a major industry in the residential area of 9th Main Road in Sector 10, LIC Colony, Jeevan Bima Nagar. The industry at house
numbers M-138 and M-142 has 3-phase electricity connection.

A 40 KV diesel generator set has also been installed in the cramped space in the office. The generator set causes heavy echo and vibration and the noise generated has crossed the threshold. It has become the root cause for health problems for the neighbouring residents.

The exhaust from the DG set seems to have been let out below the roof top causing tremendous air pollution.

Some air conditioners installed at the backside of the offices emit hot air which blows inside the neighbouring houses close to five feet away.

The office buildings are stretched beyond the common spaces thus reducing the space between two buildings obstructing passage of air.

Close to 50 employees of the industry bring their vehicles to office and this has led to huge parking and traffic problem on the road.

Regular movement of heavy commercial vehicles on the 15-foot wide road with one-side parking has been causing traffic congestion apart from damaging sewerage and water supply pipelines.

It is surprising as to how the usage of such a major generator has gone unnoticed for a long time. There are aged and sick people living in the area and these abnormal disturbances caused by the above companies are beyond tolerance.
The authorities concerned should conduct a spot inspection and initiate necessary action to curb the inconvenience.


No clarity on bus fare

 The BMTC has transferred the hike in fuel prices to the commuters.
The hike in fare is in excess of 33 pc for senior citizens. I travel regularly from JP Nagar 3rd phase to Sajjan Rao Circle.

I was paying Rs 9 for the ticket and with the revision the fare has gone up to Rs 12. The cost of a regular ticket is Rs 14.

The conductor says he has been asked to reduce the fare by Rs 2 for senior citizens. There is no clarity on the rebate the senior citizens are entitled to.
The BMTC may release a chart in all news papers so that senior citizens can pay accordingly and avoid argument with conductors.

There are no buses to Delmia Circle from Jayanagar side.
Few buses which go beyond JP Nagar 3rd phase may be routed on the 28th main of Jayanagar after Sanjay Gandhi stop and then on the 8th main of JP Nagar.
13th Cross, 8th Main,
JP Nagar II phase

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