Kodavas are secular: Nanaiah

Kodavas are secular: Nanaiah

Speaking at Kodava Desha Sabhe organised by Kodava Samaja at Gonikoppal on Sunday, he said that one should stop speaking lightly about Kodavas. “One should not speak anything low about Kodagu and Kodavas without knowing the history of Kodagu,” he said “All of us have the responsibility of preserving western ghat and Devara kadu. The lush paddy fields have given rise to commercial buildings in Kodagu. If such activities are not stopped, then Kodagu will have to face problem in the future,”  he opined

“Permission should not be given for the construction dams over waterfall to produce electricity in waterfalls in Kodagu. If allowed, the identity of the Kodagu will be lost,” he added.

Field Marshal Cariappa College Principal Dr Pushpa Kuttanna said “culture is our life style. It is our duty to preserve the age old culture.”

Ponnampet Forest College Lecturer Dr C G Kushalappa said 18 communities   speaking Kodava language must be united.

Virajpet Dental College MD Dr Sunil Muddayya called upon the Kodavas to come forward and start a bank.