A peek into another culture

A peek into another culture

Diverse gathering

Given the multicultural nature of the student community at Dayananda Sagar Institutions, the college always ensures that they respect and celebrate each one of them with full fervour.

Nearly every month, they dedicate one day to one country and bring in dignitaries from the respective embassies to address the students. On their part, the students take time out to showcase a bit of their culture to the local students here.

So, after holding events like China Day and Finnish Day, the college recently celebrated Saudi Arabia Day. A small section of the college was literally converted into a mini-Saudi Arabia. Except for the camels and the dessert, the place had everything — from the flag of the country to students dressed in their ethnic attire and even stalls giving out Saudi food.

The day was not only about celebrating culture and giving a chance to Saudi Arabian students to share a bit of their home. It also enabled other students of the college to experience what life is like in Saudi Arabia. The formal programme saw a lot of dignitaries giving wise advice to the students, on how they must imbibe some aspects of Indian culture, without forgetting their roots.

The college has around 40 to 50 students from the nation. R Janardhan, the senior executive vice president at Dayananda Sagar Institutions, says that the day was dedicated solely to them. “It was really nice to see the talented bunch come and give such brilliant dance and music performances. Looking at the surroundings and the food served, we actually thought that we were transported to Saudi Arabia for the day,” he says, adding, “we have these events regularly since we have many international students in our college. We want them to feel at home and give them a platform to express themselves.”