Govt schools in Gauribidanur 'vie for closure'

Govt schools in Gauribidanur 'vie for closure'

Nine schools locked for shortage of students, three more awaiting similar fate

Nine government schools in the taluk that had lesser than 10 students were closed recently and the students admitted to other nearby schools.

The taluk had 315 schools in the 24 clusters. There were 308 government schools, including 183 lower primary and 125 higher primary schools and seven aided higher primary schools.

The nine schools in the taluk have also been locked, virtually indicating the future of the schools. Three schools, in Jakkenahalli of Idaguru Cluster, Kambalahalli of Kallinayakanahalli Cluster, and Battadeppanahalli of Nagaragere Cluster, too are in line of closure.

The sudden increase in the number of government schools being closed has raised questions regarding the handling of the schools.

Hundreds of writers and members of pro-Kannada organisations in the State have been protesting against closure of government schools, regardless of the reason. Yet, the list of schools being closed- often without public knowledge- is only increasing.

Private trouble

While the closure of government schools has been attributed to a sudden mushrooming of private schools in even rural areas the last five to six years, the infatuation of parents for such private schools is being considered the other major reason.

Either way, the government schools are at the receiving end of poor treatment and seem to have few days left to live, says K Narayanaswamy, retired joint director of the Education Department.

“There might be no government schools at all about 10 years from now. Education would soon become a mirage for the poor,” he adds.

Residents in the taluk concur. “The only way to deal with the situation is to increase the quality of education in government schools. Then, we can put a hold on the increasing popularity of the private schools. Closing the government schools will serve no purpose,” they add.

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