Woman raised in jungle for 5 yrs by monkeys

Woman raised in jungle for 5 yrs by monkeys

Bringing “The Jungle Book” to life, a British woman has claimed that she spent five years being raised by monkeys in a Colombian forest.

Much like the fictional character “Mowgli” in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle book who is raised by wolves in an Indian forest, Marina Chapman says the colony of capuchins cared for her after she was kidnapped and then abandoned.

The mother-of-two survived by catching birds and rabbits with her bare hands until hunters found her, the Sun reported.

They took Marina to a nearby city and sold her to a brothel.
However, she managed to escape to Britain and settled in Bradford, West Yorks, where she worked as a housemaid.

Marina’s remarkable story has been made into a book now and TV crew plan to make a documentary about her life.

“It’s assumed the kidnap went wrong. All that mum remembers is being chloroformed with a hand over her mouth,” her daughter Vanessa said.

“Before that, all she can recall of her life is having a black doll,” she said.
After coming to Britain, Marina met church organist John Chapman and they wed in 1977.
“When we wanted food, we’d have to make noises,” said Vanessa, adding her mother brought them up in an unusual way.