Continue 'special chance' or face protest, says DUSU

Continue 'special chance' or face protest, says DUSU

Vice chancellor refuses to meet student union members: NSUI

Delhi University Students’ Union has threatened to protest if the decision to discontinue the committee looking into special chances is not withdrawn soon.

Special chances are given to ex-students of the university to finish their degree.
“The lives of thousands of students are at risk because of an arbitrary decision of doing away with the special chance given to students who could not finish their course within the stipulated period due to unavoidable circumstances, such as life-threatening illness, family difficulties and socio-economic factors,” said Amrish Ranjan Pandey, spokesperson, National Students’ Union of India.

He said the vice chancellor has refused to meet the union members. On October 10, a notice from the registrar’s office said no further special chance requests will be looked into and applications already submitted will not be processed.

“Without any prior information on cancelling the committee, the move was decided. Even when students were assured by the college authorities and the university examination branch that they may apply for special chance for 2012,” added Pandey.

Recently, students from School of Open Learning also protested to demand withdrawal of the decision. Members of the now discontinued committee said the highest number of applicants seeking special chance were from SOL.

“The principal tells us something else. The officials have different versions of the information. It is like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing,” said a student.