Families of Karwar landslide still hoping against hopes

Families of Karwar landslide still hoping against hopes

Even after two days, survivors continue to look for missing people under the debris

The three daughters of Srikanth and Lalitha lost their parents and an younger brother, even as they watched. So shocked are they that from 3 days they are not able to eat or drink anything. The elder daughter Manisha heard a loud noise and came out to see and to her horror saw the house collapsing and her father was stuck under it. She rushed to save him and the wall collapsed on her and she was injured. Somebody pulled her out. Her sisters Anjali and Preethi were also saved. They are all in shock.

Nanda, who had come to her parents’ house for delivery and her child Astha, Rajesh who had come from Goa for holidays, Shakuntala, Krishna, Lalitha and others, totalling 21, died in house collapse.

Beneath 12 feet

It’s a common sight to see relatives looking under the debris with an undying hope that may be there is life beneath the 12 feet mud slide. An eye witness said  the muddy slush came in a gush like tsunami, taking with it houses, trees and everything in its way to a distance of 500 meters. The landslide that started on Friday 3.30 pm continued till 6 pm. The hillock came crashing down at such great speed that several houses were caught in a whirlpool and finally got totally buried under the muddy slush.

2 more bodies extricated in Karwar

Two more bodies were extricated from the spot where heavy rains triggered a landslide at Madibagh Jariwadi in Karwar taluk on Sunday.

The decomposed bodies of Karunakar Talekar and Deepika Talekar were recovered by Sunday evening. With this the number of bodies recovered here has reached four.
Soldiers of Maratha Light Infantry, who came from Belgaum, personnel from Sea Bird Naval Base, Police and Fire force have continued the search operations with the help of four excavators.

Since there is possibility of further landslides, several families have been shifted to safer places. According to the Deputy Commissioner N S Chennappa Gowda the rescue operation will continue throughout the night.