Chinkaras from Haryana arrive at Bannerghatta Biological Park

The chinkaras which have been brought to the Bannerghatta Biological Park from the Bhiwani National Park , Haryana.DH Photo

The new inmates, six chinkaras, were brought recently to Bannerghatta Biological Park  from the Bhiwani National park, Haryana, in exchange for four tigers as per the guidelines established by the Central Zoo Authority.

Range Forest Officer Nagabhushan said, “We do not have any chinkaras in our park, but we do have a lot of tigers. So we decided to exchange it for getting some chinkaras.”

Brandies, Appaiah, Jhansi Rani and Namratha, which are in the tiger safari, will be given away on Monday. The team that brought the chinkaras from Haryana are making arrangements to transport the tigers to Bhiwani. The tigers will be transported in trucks and the journey is expected to take five days.

DH News Service

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