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Skilled artiste

Chandrika Srinivas

Chandrika Srinivas is a talented artiste, proficient in both music and dance. She hails from Bangalore and from last one decade is running a school called 'Nada nritya -school of performing arts' at Perth, Australia. On the auspicious day of Vijayadashami, she gave a dance recital, at the Seva sadana hall.

No doubt, the keerthane "Bhavayami Raghuramam" is a popular composition in the music field. We can even say, it is a favourite krithi of both musicians and connoisseurs. But here Chandrika had made an intelligent adoption of Swathithirunal's composition 'Bhavayami' in dance, vouched for her choreographic skill.

The Ragamalike krithi gave a colourful picture of the Ramayana. With a number of episodes the artiste showed the dancerly possibilities of the tested musical composition. Dramatising the different sequences, her interpretation was convincing, with Abhinaya heightening its popular appeal. Chandrika concluded with a Thillana in the raga Walachi.
From the wings she was well supported by Srivathsa (vocal), Praveen kumar (natuvanga), Gurumurthy (mridanga), Narasimha murthy (flute), Chitralingam (veena) and Sri Harirangaswamy (morching). Music CDs, sung by Dr R K Srikantan, R S Ramakanth and Chandrika Srinivas -were also released on the occasion.

Unique genre

The Kala Premi foundation conducted a unique programme last week, in collaboration with the Rotary (Bangalore West) club. Multifarious talented scholar Dr R Ganesh has written songs on different 'Habba' (festivals) in chaste Kannada.
Dr Ganesh gave description of the subject, which was brief but informative. Young musician Manasi Prasad has tuned these Lyrics melodiously in different ragas.
She sang some of them (violin - R Dayakar and mridanga- Ranjani Siddanthi)- from Yugadi to Holi, one song each on different Hindu festivals. While the song on Yugadi (Chaitra masada) was in the raga Kalyani, the composition on Ramanavami (Aadi Raviya Anadi Nayaka) was in the raga Ramapriya. A CD recording of all these songs may help to popularise these new songs.

Promising vocalist

The other artiste I heard at the same serial is Priyanka C Prakash. she is a descendant of Mundaya Rama Bhagawathar and a disciple of Neela Ramgopal. She has won prizes in few competitions and also known as a good debator.

Though she presented a number of Kritis, the composition "Sri Krishnam Bhaja Manasa" assumed a stately presence.

It was invested with alap, nerval and swara, which was a sure sign of her good training and talent.

The Sloka, Bhajan and Thillana - were equally delightful. With more higher training and some more stage experience, Priyanka Prakash has a bright future in the years to come. Two young instrumentalists M P Aditya and Phanindra Bhaskar accompanied her.

Lilting melody

Sri Venugopala Krishna Swamy Temple conducted a cultural festival and gave opportunities to several upcoming and lesser known artists. Panthula Rama who gave a vocal recital in this series, is also known for her Pallavi rendering. She built a reverberating base in familiar ragas and well known compositions. The "Vasudevayani" was redolent with nostalgic overtones.

Both "Bhogendra shayinam" and "Govardhana giridhari" were sung with lilting melody. The familiar composition "Balagopala" showed her in a fine fettle. MSN Murthy on violin, V Krishna on mridanga and M A Krishnamurthy on ghata supported her.

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