More employees now adding bosses as 'Friends' on Facebook

More employees now adding bosses as 'Friends' on Facebook

Almost one-third of workers aged between 18 and 25 are friends with their boss on social media like Facebook, a new survey has found.

However, more than half of them - 58 per cent - have admitted they've never cleared potentially career-damaging content from their profiles.

According to a worldwide survey of 4,400 people in 11 countries by anti-virus company AVG, 13 per cent of workers in Australia admit to posting abusive content about their boss or company after a bad day at work.

Eighteen per cent employees in Italy have been found to express their emotions online, the AAP news agency reported.

Eighty per cent of Spanish young working class admitted to have posted inappropriate images online, while 28 per cent of Australians admitted doing so.

The survey also found one in 12 young Aussies had been asked in a job interview about things they've posted online.

AVG's Australian security adviser Michael McKinnon said the level of comfort with social media was blurring the line between young people's professional and private lives.

"It seems obvious that posting abusive content about a boss or workplace is not very sensible, but it's important to understand that not only could it damage a person's existing career, it could negatively impact on future opportunities too," McKinnon said.