Now, USD 350 'face-slap beauty treatment' to make you young

Now, USD 350 'face-slap beauty treatment' to make you young

Now, USD 350 'face-slap beauty treatment' to make you young

Introducing a bizarre beauty treatment of 'face-Slapping' in the US, a woman masseuse claims it can reduce wrinkles to make you look young.

Rassameesaitarn Wongsirodkul, aka Tata, is hoping to storm San Francisco's niche beauty market with the USD 350 skin-firming 'treatment'.

In a procedure that the massage parlour touts as "one million per cent safe", Tata delivers precision blows "using Thai wisdom to bring out your own beauty", according to her company's website.

"Face slapping brings out your hidden beauty potential, without invasive procedures. And it's 100 per cent chemical free. I am proud to be the only one to bring the face slapping knowledge … to the western hemisphere," Tata said in a video.

During the procedure, Tata donnes a hat adorned with plastic flowers, slinking around to Thai pop music and delivers a few quick blows.

She then firmly pinches her client's cheeks, and gives the client a few more hard slaps.

Her husband Mawin Sombuntham told ABC News that Tata went through a month of training with professional face slapper Kung Khemika, who runs her own parlour in Bangkok and has dozens of customers per day.

"It's a very closely guarded knowledge. Tata is only one of 10 students that the teacher wants in her lifetime," Sombuntham told the paper.

Customers can choose a particular area of their face that they'd like to receive a precision smack, including eyebrows, cheek or forehead or 'get rid of wrinkles'.

Sombuntham said that the results of a single session, which lasts 15-20 minutes, can last about six months, and with the full course customers can expect the results to last up to a year.

Rose Griscom of the US Institute of Thai Massage in New Jersey, says that although the technique has similarities to tapotement, a technique of rhythmic tapping on the body used in Swedish massage, she's never heard of such slapping used on the face.