Good students can get aid

Good students can get aid


Dear Madam,

I would like to pursue BE, ME and PhD in the US. Is it a good option to do a  Baccalaureate programme? Is there any other place better than the US or UK for a BE in chemical engineering?

Tarun Kumar BM

Dear Tarun Kumar ,

Good that you have planned ahead to study abroad and pursue a career in the field of chemical engineering. Do remember that  studying undergraduate courses in Western countries is an expensive proposition, and we have equally good engineering degree colleges in India.

While studying the IB would be a good option, you could also explore the possibilities of  CIE (Cambridge International Examinations —A & AS Level), if you are still very keen on going to the USA etc. for your undergraduate studies.

Admissions in universities abroad are determined on the basis of your scores in the qualifying exam along with your SAT/IELTS/TOEFL scores and a few other criteria, such as your Statement of Purpose (SOP) etc.

While the US is doing good in chemical engineering so are Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, to name a few  countries.

Dear Madam,

 I am studying mechanical engineering. I am currently writing my 2nd semester exams but I am restless until I know how/where to pursue my education after BE. I am actually thinking of doing an MS in the US. So, please give me some information regarding Toefl, GATE, SoP, scholarship schemes, etc.

Akash G   

Dear  Akash,

I can understand your anxiety and in a way it is good that you are thinking far ahead as to your future plans three years ahead. Right now you may concentrate on good and consistent marks in your engineering (which will open doors for admission to reputed universities for MS) and plan for your further studies by the time  you reach the 6th semester. 

At that point you can do a SWOT analysis or an aptitude test to know yourself better. In the mean time, before taking a final decision, start gathering information. You can know more about TOEFL through, and about scholarships  through websites such as, etc.

I have already given details of Statement of Purpose (SoP) in these columns, dated April 12 , 2012. GATE is an all India examination conducted jointly by IISc and IIT’s for those wanting to go for a post graduation or teaching career in engineering in India.

Dear Madam,

I am currently in the final semester of BE - Electronics and Communication, with an aggregate of 85 per cent till date. I have also authored three papers which have been published at various international conferences. Now, I want to pursue an MS. Does Germany have any good universities that offer an MS programme in my respective field? Also, what would be the approximate cost? I prefer Germany over US only because it’s more economical to study there.
Pramod J

Dear  Pramod,

It is very commendable that you have been a consistently good student and have published three papers at international conferences. Shows your interest and ability in your field of study.

Finance  need not be the restraining factor for your going abroad for further studies if you have been an good student and have been consistently getting good grades.  Many banks give educational loans to students to pursue higher studies abroad. Scholarships and aid are granted by most universities to the most deserving students, according to some prescribed criteria which differ from university to university.  

Website will give you an insight into the best option of university, scholarship, subject etc, in Germany. You may also note that proficiency in the German language is a must in certain universities in Germany. Living in the eastern part of Germany can be a little cheaper. A list of electronics engineering (including many embedded systems) courses can be found by following this link:

Dear Madam,

I am a final year engineering student in Electronics and Communication. I have recently come across an article on the Rhodes scholarship for post-graduate students. I am aspiring for higher studies and have maintained a good academic/extra-curricular profile. Am I eligible to apply for the scholarship or is it meant only for students from premier colleges like IIT? Please guide me on how to apply for it. I request you to also provide information about other scholarships for post-graduate courses abroad.    

Dear Anonymous,

While IIT’s are premier engineering colleges in India, it is not true that only students from this college stand a better chance to get scholarships.  It is your academic record and consistent performance over the years that helps you get any scholarship.

Rhodes Scholarship India, is open to citizens of India who have an exceptionally bright academic record in the final year of a degree course from an Indian university.  The selected student will make an application to the University of Oxford. Website will provide all information  on as to when and how to apply for the scholarship.

There are many other scholarships that are being awarded to deserving students. You could explore even these options before you make a choice of your future course of action.

You could explore the site, etc, and check out all the available options.

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