These roads cry for attention

These roads cry for attention

Frequent accidents, protests by the public fail to move authorities to take serious measures

The bad condition of Tekal Road and Eelam road in the City has made these roads a death trap and accidents are common here.

The people blame the Public Works Department (PWD) and the Corporation authorities for their indifferent attitude in not repairing the roads. It is the common complain that the authority has not taken any serious measures to improve the condition of the roads even though regular accidents occur daily on these roads.


A 10th standard student Shilpa was killed on her way to  Beglihosahalli government high school when she was run over by a lorry on October 1 near Tekal road.  Enraged public thrashed the lorry driver and staged a protest by blocking the road. They alleged of negligence on the part of the authorities concerned. They complained that officials have failed to take safety measures to stop accidents even though accidents occur frequently on this road.

Hundreds of students of  Bapuji High School and Adarsha College staged a protest condemning the negligent attitude of the authorities in taking safety measures. Public had staged a protest few months ago when at the same spot, a student suffered a fracture after a vehicle hit him.

The very next day on October 2 an advocate was killed on the spot in a mishap near Eelam road where the the bridge construction works has been carried out.
A protest against PWD was taken out by the public alleging their negligence in completing the work.

A few months ago, at the same spot, a newly-wed couple who were riding on a bike fell into a ditch dug for bridge construction. While the husband died in the accident, the wife had sustained grievous injuries.

Warning sign

But even after the incident the authorities failed to install warning sign at the spot. The motorist find it difficult to take the temporary road which is created next to the construction spot.
A protest was also staged by the public urging for the immediate completion of the construction works. But promises by the authorities  was the only outcome that the public received.
The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of these roads allege the people and add that the department  has failed in executing its responsibility.
One or the other accident has been occurring every day on these roads even though humps have been laid. According to the people, speed breakers have not been laid scientifically. They also allege that the foot path has that had been dug for various work has not been restored. These gaping holes compel the pedestrians including children to walk in the middle of the road, which has become main reason for the frequent accidents

Poor maintenance

The public also allege poor maintenance of the road.  The authorities concerned, TMC officials, PWD engineers do not bother to take measures until another accident takes place.
The principal problem is lack of clarity as to the competent authority who is bound to solve the problem, says, Krishnamurthy, a resident of PC colony.
With the expansion of colonies, vehicular and pedestrian density in and around Tekal road has also increased, which has increased the necessity of road expansion. It is also felt that before the widening of roads, repair of the existing one is the need of the hour. The stretch from Chikkaballapur Road to Eelam road is also in bad condition.  It authorities concerned should understand the gravity of the problem and take safety measures in the interest of the road users at large.