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Taking down a bully

The Ant Bully’ is directed by John A Davis. In this movie, Lucas is new to town and has no friends. A neighbourhood bully torments Lucas and he is unable to fight back.

A frustrated Lucas takes out his anger on an ant hill in his garden. The ants are forced to live in constant terror of Lucas’ attacks.

They work at solving their problem and come up with a magic potion that they inject into Lucas. This shrinks Lucas to the size of an ant. They drag him along to their colony and force him to live there with them. Lucas learns quite a bit in this strange world of ants.

   His perspective on life undergoes a dramatic change and he finally gets the courage to stand up for himself. The movie airs on WB at 5 pm on October 25.

Fierce competition on the show

Catch ‘Excused’ on October 25 at 11 pm on Big Love CBS. In this show, there are two ladies — first, there’s cute and confident Rachele.

She likes to make her man earn her hotness.
And Amber, a blonde bombshell who uses her looks to reel guys in.

Two different girls, one common goal: They both want to find love. In the show, hot single guys will be brought in to impress our ladies just to get in the front door.

Throughout the day, the girls will be getting rid of the guys who don’t measure up. In the end, only one couple will get a chance at love.

Which snake will win?

In ‘Boa Vs Python’, an enormous 80-foot python is being transported to the United States. In the middle of the journey, it escapes from the truck.

It starts terrorising the drains of Philadelphia. After having tried many things, the FBI finally seeks help from two fellow scientists. One among them has been keeping an enormous boa for years.

Together, they try to slaughter the beast. But they are not the only ones on the trail. An animal hunter named Roddick has recruited some of the best hunters in the world to bring this beast down.

Who will succeed in the mission? Tune in to the movie on Star Movies at 11 pm on October 25.

A struggle for their lives

Watch ‘Poseidon’ on HBO at 11.40 am on October 25. It’s New Year’s Eve and more than two thousand passengers and crew members are partying aboard Poseidon, a cruise ship. A rogue wave capsises the vessel and people flounder to escape the horror.

A few survivors get together to stay alive. Dylan Johns (played by Josh Lucas) goes against the captain’s orders to wait below for rescue.

He sets about finding his own way out and is soon followed by others. Watch the film to see whether anyone gets out alive at all.

In a tough situation

Knocked Up’ is an emotional film with a touch of humour. It stars Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann and Jason Segel.

The movies revolves around Ben Stone, a slacker with nothing much going on in his life. He meets entertainment TV host Alison Scott at a club — and ends up spending the night with her.

Eight weeks later, Alison discovers she’s pregnant and informs Ben that she’s keeping the baby.

Ben steps forward to support her and in the process, discovers his true feelings towards her. Watch the movie on October 25 at 10.15 am on Zee Studio.

(TV show timings are subject to change)

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