For some practical experience

For some practical experience

Educational trip

For some practical experience

Many colleges have begun to organise industrial visits for their students — short trips where they can study the functioning of a particular company or factory.

The latest to join this bandwagon is Sambhram Academy of Management Studies, which sent its first-year MBA students to the BEML Factory near Hebbal. The students seized this opportunity to understand the practical aspect of their classroom lessons and showed quite a bit of enthusiasm at the factory.

They grouped together at the college and travelled to the factory by bus, during which time there was a lot of excited chatter about the day to come. Ananta, who was part of the group, recalls, “We are all MBA students and when we reached the factory, we were welcomed by the BEML officials. They took us in and started to explain the working of the company to us.”

It turned out to be quite an informative occasion for the students. First, they were taken through the manufacturing facet of the BEML and taught about the intricacies and difficulties of this process.

 “The factory manufactures trains, automobiles and heavy equipment. We were taken through the three stages of production and taught about the assembling processes in place there.

We were also shown the parts that go into making the equipment,” explains Ananta. After this, the students were taken to the seminar hall where they were addressed by officials from the company.

They were briefed on the company’s finances, its market performance and the relevance it has in the industry. In fact, Vivek — one of the students who was part of the visiting team — says that this was one of the best parts of the entire day.

“I learnt about management skills from that discussion. After all, this company has 45,000 employees and it was great to know how they handle that sort of workforce. We were also taught about their quality-control rules, how they manage their heavy equipment and the safety precautions they have in place. Overall, it was a great experience,” sums up Vivek.