Sons draw lottery to decide custody of mother in UP

Sons draw lottery to decide custody of mother in UP

They eye her land in prime area

A man won his mother in lottery after beating two rivals — his brothers. The lottery was drawn to find out who will get to keep the 65-year-old.

The bizarre method of shortlisting was done not out of love or affection for the old lady, but with an eye on a piece of land at a prized location and hence the fighting.

According to reports, Sarbati Devi, a resident of Mukundpur in the district, had three sons, who lived separately. After her husband's death recently, there was a dispute among the three sons over keeping the old lady.

Since all of them wanted to keep her, all attempts to find an amicable solution to the problem by the village elders failed to yield any results.

One of the sons identified as Babu Lal allegedly forcibly took Sarbati Devi to his home recently.

The other two brothers lodged a complaint with the police seeking action against Babu Lal.
The officials directed the local police to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of all concerned.

All the parties were summoned to the Quarsi police station to settle the issue. But three men started fighting there also.

After all attempts to find a solution failed, the police official suggested that a lottery be drawn to put an end to the dilemna.

 The three readily agreed and Babu Lal emerged winner in the lottery. Police said that there was a piece of land in the name of Sarbati Devi, which was worth several lakhs that led to constant fights among the three sons.