Spot checking mandatory for KSPCB officials

Spot checking mandatory for KSPCB officials

The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board will make it mandatory for its officials to conduct regular spot inspections of industries and urban local bodies.

Environment Minister Sogadu Shivanna, in a recent letter to the Board, had noted that the officials of the Board were not conducting spot inspections of ‘Red category’ (highly polluting) industries.

“The concerns raised by the minister are genuine and pertinent. We are taking measures to address the issues. Changes will be introduced into the system gradually. It will be mandatory for officials to conduct inspections on a regular basis” KSPCB chairperson Vaman Acharya told Deccan Herald.

The minister had said the officials should conduct inspections once a month and submit a detailed report to their higher authorities.

Acharya said the Board was in the process of revamping its panel of advocates and it had been decided to remove an advocate from the panel. Shivanna, during his meeting with the officials of the Board, had observed that several cases had been kept pending unnecessarily and that the Board was required to change its panel of advocates.

The minister has directed the chairperson to assess the performance of officials on a monthly basis.