Breathe life into your living room

Breathe life into your living room

We may get tired of our rooms since we look at them everyday. That is when other people’s homes start looking way better than ours. But we can’t shift whenever the mood strikes us. So, the key to be happy in our home is to redecorate it.

Here are some tips for changing the look and feel of your room. Firstly, we need to address certain questions.

How should the furniture be arranged?

What colour should I use for painting the walls?

What should I put on the walls and where should I put them?

This is just the beginning. Most professionals say their clients generally enquire as to how to brighten up their living rooms. Even those who consult professional interior decorators may not have a high budget. Most of us who are our own decorators also have a limited budget. So, we should always be aware of our budget before commencing any actual work in order to stay within our means.

The first question we need to ask ourselves is how the room is going to be used. A variety of decor styles can be tried even in the most fundamental room. For example, my mother, who is an octogenarian, insists on having an antique full size swing in the living room. Thus all the decor is based on it and complements it. A friend of mine is a veena player and her living room serves as a music room too. Near my condo in Surrey, Canada, I have a neighbour whose only piece of furniture in the living room is a giant TV screen, which can be watched from the dining area.

So it’s your prerogative to let your priorities dictate how and what you want by way of furniture in your living room. You will have a lot of options to arrange and rearrange your furniture in interesting and creative ways. Modular sofas can be used anywhere.

Removing extra, unused stuff and de-cluttering the room will also give a new look.

Painting just one wall with an accent colour is now considered chic. The colour of the wall helps in defining the colour for furniture and other accessories.

Many of us want to be daring when it comes to repainting our walls but at the last moment we revert to tried and tested, plain, dull colours. Ask for a small sample and test it on a poster board; this will give you an idea of how it looks in the space. As for other decorating ideas, you can be your own decorator or consult an interior decorator or simply use the Internet. Searching for living room ideas on the Internet will give you a million ideas.

The more often you undertake renovation and redecorating projects, the more easily will you realise your preferences in decorating and design.

Whatever you do, don’t stress yourself out while decorating. Make it an enjoyable experience.

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