On the lookout for something new

On the lookout for something new

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What’s in a gadget? Going by the attitude of most of Bangalore’s youngsters, quite a bit — trending topics on most social-networking sites revolve predominantly around which manufacturer has come out with which new model; most students and professionals are well-versed about the features and comparative prices of different cellphones and iPods and most spend ample amounts of time keeping up with the latest applications.

But in a world where gadget manufacturers come out with new models — some, with strikingly different features — every few months or so, ensuring that one has the latest model becomes quite an expensive proposition.

Given the extent of the gadget craze in the City, though, it comes as no surprise that most professionals and students devise their own ways to meet these expenses. While some use their intensive research to pinpoint the best time to pick up a new phone or tablet (that is, when the prices are at the lowest), others shy away from conforming to the latest trend in the market and instead, try to select the option which best suits them.

For instance, Gaya, a student of Ambedkar Medical College, points out that it’s best to do your homework before picking a gadget and then stick to it for the long run. “Almost every other week, companies launch new gadgets which catch our attention. In fact, many of my friends keep changing their phones and tablets according to the latest craze — but personally, I feel it’s better to be wise while selecting, and pick something that you can be happy with for a while,” he advises. For students, he explains, this is often the wisest strategy.

“It isn’t fair to keep pressuring our parents to hand us more cash to buy something new. And besides, apart from a select few, most of these cellphones and tablets use the same technology and have similar features,” he adds.

Sachin, an engineering student and owner of a top-class smart phone, feels that in such matters, timing is everything.

He’s well aware that being on top of the game at all times isn’t cheap — so he settles for buying the best at the moment. “Being an electrical engineer, I love checking out all the latest gadgets. But it isn’t wise to replace your phone every time a new model comes out — so, when I’m buying a new phone or tablet, I go for the best one at that particular point of time and stick with it,” he states, adding, “even if a new model is released soon after, there won’t be too much of a difference in terms of the features. The really big changes happen only after a year or two so until then, I stick with what I have.”

Navya, a design student, belongs to the school of thought that propagates doing your homework. She feels that a little research before picking up a new gadget can go a long way when it comes to retaining it for a long period of time. “I believe that before buying a new gadget, people should research it — as well as have a look at upcoming models which might be coming out soon. That way, it’s easier to know exactly what you’re investing in,” she sums up.

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