Untreated sewage pollute lake; turns death trap for aquatic animals

Untreated sewage pollute lake; turns death trap for aquatic animals

Growth of weeds turn it into breeding place of insects

 Dengue deaths have been a cause of concern, claiming the life of even a celebrity bollywood director like Yash Chopra.

Meanwhile, even as the officials are leaving no stone unturned to create awareness on the disease spread by the dangerous mosquitoes, a lake situated on the outskirts of K R Nagar town near Kantenahalli road has become a breeding place to these insects.

The medium sized lake which was once a place for the livestock to quench their thirst is now totally polluted, thanks to the effluents from the sewage treatment plant that flows into the lake.

The underground drain water has to be treated at the sewage treatment plant, before being let out into the lake. But the untreated sewage water is emanating stench making the lives of the residents nearby miserable.

Moreover, the lush growth of the weeds in the lake has turned out to be breeding place for all types of insects and also affecting the lake.

Suresh, a resident told Deccan Herald that the polluted lake has turned into a big headache for the people here and also fear of spread of diseases like malaria and dengue. It has not only affected the lake but also fish and other aquatic animals which are dying due to water pollution.

When contacted K R Nagar Town Municipal chief officer Nagashetty said the sewage water has to be treated in five phases before being diverted into the lake and the treatment plant is doing so.

He alleged that the farmers themselves are letting out the untreated sewage water into the lake and agricultural lands to use it for cultivation, despite being advised not to do so.

Health officer Ashwini said there are no incidents of spread of malaria or dengue in the region. The town municipal council will take steps to create awareness on the same, she assured.