Entertainment on strings

Entertainment on strings

Puppet Show

The atmosphere of ancient India was relived as Dhaatu showcased the puppet play Rajasuya Yaga, from the epic Mahabharata. It was a treat for the eyes to see the puppets talking and dancing.

Royal touch: A scene from the puppet show.

The venue was set in the traditional manner of puppet shows. A pandal was put up on the road, under which the audience sat on mats and chairs to watch the show.

The chief guest, Chiranjeevi Singh, feels that puppet shows are the finest gifts that can be given to children.

He says, “These days, most children study in English-medium schools. They start with ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’ and go on to learn about Michael Jackson. They have lost touch with Indian tradition.

This is a great way to educate children about the great Indian epics and bring them back to their culture.” The venue was jam-packed and people even tried to watch the play by standing on the terraces of nearby houses. Several children also seated themselves on the floor.

Nagashree, an audience member, says, “The play was very nice. We come here every year. This is indeed a great way to learn the Indian stories. I have brought my son to watch the play. Now, he is showing some interest in the story. I am glad that these old traditions are still watched and appreciated.”

Jyothi, another audience member, says, “The play was brilliant. All the costumes suited the characters. It shows the kind of effort that has gone into making this play. The grandeur of Rajasuya Yaga was displayed very nicely.”

The puppet play was comprehensively put together, with all the intricate details taken care of. The scenes of Bhima killing Jarasandha by breaking him into two parts and the Sudarshana Chakra, spinning speedily to behead Shishupala, were astonishingly well done. The play was also a musical treat with folk and classical songs being played every five minutes.

Anupama Hoskere, one of the founder directors of the Dhaatu puppet team, says, “I am very satisfied with the audience’s response. It is a testimony to the fact that puppet shows are loved even today.

However, what I really want is a dedicated theatre for my puppets. The state government should recognise this art form and take it up seriously. They have to grant funds and construct a puppet theatre. And the youth should become more involved in the art forms like this.”

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