Modern adult gets angry 336 times in a year

Modern adult gets angry 336 times in a year

Modern adult gets angry 336 times in a year

The average modern adult sees “the red mist” 28 times a month, or 336 times in one year, a latest study has found.

Financial worries and lack of sleep were found to be the main contributors to the feelings of anger, along with hunger, cold callers, rudeness and being lied to.

Researchers studied 2,000 people to discover how tempers impact on our lives, the Daily Express reported.

They found that six in 10 people are regularly annoyed by trivial day to day matters without even knowing the reason behind it.

As many as one in four people confessed they sometimes reach a level of anger where they risk “losing control”.

The research was commissioned by Benenden Healthcare in the UK, where spokesman Lawrence Christensen advised seeking help for anger management.

“Britons are letting their angry side get the better of them — 28 times a month seems a staggering frequency, almost once a day,” he added.

One in four people said anger has an impact on their overall relationship, while one in three have a particular incident they regret to this day after losing their temper.

A sharp tongued 64 per cent say their anger makes them likely to snap at people, while a third say they deal with it by just going very quiet, researchers found.

Day to day factors like cold callers, bad customer service and supermarket self-checkouts are some of the most anger-inducing experiences of modern life, while rudeness, last minute cancellations and internet faults are likely to put the average person in poor mood.

Respondents cited mornings as the most likely time to experience being angry, with the worst time of the week found as Monday lunchtime.