BJP highly concerned over BSY's exit: Kulkarni

BJP highly concerned over BSY's exit: Kulkarni

A former aide of BJP leader L K Advani has described B S Yeddyurappa’s exit from the BJP as a ‘major concern’ for the party.

Speaking at a ‘Meet the Press’ programme organised jointly by Press Club of Bangalore and Bangalore Reporters Guild, Sudheendra Kulkarni said that Yeddyurappa was one of the ‘principal contributors’ for the growth of the BJP in Karnataka.

“He is a mass leader and has contributed immensely to bring the party to power in the State. Losing him will be a major concern to the party. Unfortunately many wrongs have happened,” said Kulkarni to a query on Yeddyurappa’s announcement that he would be launching his own regional party soon.

Supporting BJP National President Nitin Gadkari’s stand that he is willing to face probe over allegations made against him, Kulkarni said the UPA government should also show the same seriousness and face probe into corruption charges against their leaders.

Kulkarni said Gadkari had brought a new dynamism to the BJP with his trust on development.

“Long before the national highway development project was conceptualised, Gadkari had made the first expressway (Mumbai-Pune) in the country as Maharashtra PWD Minister and he did it without facing any allegations of corruption,” he said

Kulkarni, who is in Bangalore for the launch of his new book, “Music of the Spinning Wheel,” said all political parties had digressed from the path of morality and ethical values.

A long time member of the CPI(M), who later joined the BJP in 1996, Kulkarni said Gandhiji’s ideals will go a long way to help and guide political parties to re-establish these values. The internet has emerged as the new medium to spread the message of the Mahatma, he added.