Nike fined for deceptive advertising in China

Nike fined for deceptive advertising in China

Nike has been fined 4.87 million yuan ($770,000) for deceptive advertising in China, said authorities.

According to the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce (BACI), Nike set the price for one of its high-end basketball shoes, which it advertised with double air cushion inside, at 1,299 yuan ($206 dollars) in China, more than 500 yuan higher than the same model in other markets.

It was later discovered that the company misled Chinese customers with an advertisement as the footwear only contained one air cushion, reported Xinhua.

"Nike applied double standards between Chinese consumers and foreign consumers. Such behaviour cannot be tolerated," Liu Jian, the spokesman for the BACI was quoted as saying by the Beijing News.

Nike China had earlier apologised and offered refund for the consumers who bought the shoes with one air cushion, according to the Beijing News.