Jumbo festival all set to enthral audiences

Jumbo festival all set to enthral audiences

Jumbo festival all set to enthral audiences

Come October 30, tourists will be able to enjoy the visual treat of  elephants participating in a number of entertaining events.

The Forest department is all set to organise a ‘Jumbo Festival’ at the Dubare Elephant camp near Nanjarayapatna tourist centre in Kodagu district.

The elephants will take part in various games, which are scheduled to begin at 9.30 am  
The pachyderms are being trained and groomed by the Forest department for the various activities. Under the guidance of the mahouts and kavadis, the elephants are in the process of learning to perform tricks such as kicking a football, holding each other’s’ tails and  moving in a circle, holding each other’s ears and other such acts.

Ranjan, the calf named after Sports Minister Appachu Ranjan, is being trained to salute the other elephants and the tourists — a spectacular and grandiose act.


Elder elephants such as Vikram and Gopi are being involved in sports events. The elephants, which took part in the Mysore Dasara procession — including Harsha, Prashant, Vikram, Vijay, Gopi and Kaveri — are currently engaged in the training of junior elephants under the supervision of the mahouts and kavadis.

The remaining pachyderms, including Ranjan, Shivagange, Theertharam, Chandra, Ram, Ajjaiah and others are to take part in other events.

Taming the wild

Several wild elephants which used to stray into the fields of the farmers and often to destroyed crops, had been captured about three years ago. They are also  being trained at the camp.

A total of 20 elephants will take part in various activities.  The training of the elephants is being undertaken under the guidance of taskmaster J K Dobi, informed Deputy Conservator of Forests of Madikeri Division, Dhananjay.