'Lead heroine is yet to be finalised'

'Lead heroine is yet to be finalised'


COOL: Puneeth Rajkumar

“I don't know who is spreading such things. We are yet to finalise the lead heroine.” What about Ramya claiming in an interview that she is the lead heroine? “I wouldn't want to comment on that,” says the director, who is known for the hit film Savaari.

For the past few months, Jacob has been screening many actresses.

But so far none has fit the bill. Sources within the industry say that Shreya of Shivaji fame, has also been approached.

“We have been looking at heroines within the industry and also at the newcomers. Hopefully, by the end of the week we can come to a conclusion," he adds.

As for Prithvi, Jacob hopes that he can create a decent family entertainer of the same simplicity that he had showcased in Savaari.

Having Puneeth as the hero, Jacob says, "I wrote the film keeping Puneeth in mind so it will be a film his fans can look out for." Not wanting to over-hype the film he says, "The fans can expect good stunts and dance sequences that Puneeth is known for."

Movie buffs can also hear world famous saxophone specialist Khadri Gopalanath's son, Manikanth Khadri, who made his debut as music director in the movie Savaari, scoring the music of Prithvi.”