'India's like an amusement ride'

'India's like an amusement ride'

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'India's like an amusement ride'

After his win at the European Masters Tournament, Scottish professional golfer Richie Ramsay visited Bangalore recently to play the ‘Hero Indian Open’. He spoke to Metrolife about his first memory of golf and what he likes about India.

“My grandfather used to play golf and he’d cut things up for me and wrap them with tape so I could use them as balls.

He was my inspiration and the person who really got me into the sport. I remember that we used to have a dog that would go into the woods and fetch the ball for me,” recalls Richie.

“From there, I just kind of grew. I’d play football as a kid as well. But I was much better at golf and I’m glad that’s the sport I stuck to,” he adds.

Knowing that many sportsmen forget that there is a life beyond sports, he played the cards safely when he was in his prime. “I went to a  university in Scotland and for a year to America, where I’d go out partying and enjoyed life the way I wanted to,” shares the 29-year-old.

“There are a lot of younger guys who just play, play and then when they’re around 30, they realise that their youth is over. I’m fortunate that I got those fun years. Having gotten that out of my system, I can go and play golf with a clear conscience that I’ve lived life in the proper way,” he adds.

When he’s not on the golf course, Richie’s usually at home spending time with family and friends. “I like to go and catch a movie, cook a nice meal or just stay at home and watch TV on a Saturday night. You take your loved ones for granted when you see them everyday. But because I’m on tour so much, I’ve started to really value my time with them.”

Having been in the international golf circuit for a while, he feels that the only advice to be given to young golfers is to keep dreaming. “You have to believe in yourself and just go out there and give it all you’ve got.

Everybody has dreams of where they want to be. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something,” advises the golfer. “When I was a little boy, I dreamt of playing the European tour. Today, I’m living that dream.”

Though he has been to India many times, this is his first visit to Bangalore. “I’d say that what I like the best about India is the people and the hustle bustle. You can never feel alone here,” notes Richie.

He sums up with an interesting analogy — “India’s like an amusement ride — there’s a little bit of danger but at the end of it, you know you’re going to be safe.”  

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