Holy connection

Pious: Sukanya Kulkarni and Sudhir Dalvi.

Sudhir Dalvi, who plays the role of Jagdish Jaiswal in Manish Goswami’s new show, Shraddha had a blast from the past. In a good way though! Recently during the shoot of his new show in Ujjain, Sudhir was surrounded by a huge crowd, who started addressing him as Sai Baba. Having convincingly played Sai Baba’s role in the past, he wasn’t surprised, but of course, he felt a little amused.

Says Sudhir, “The moment we got down from the bus, a large crowd gathered around us and started shouting Sai Baba. I was caught off guard and the people present there were literally bowing down and making me feel very embarrassed.”

Brand new show

Tune into Sony Entertainment Television for the premiere of Bayttaab Dil Kee Tamanna Hai on October 6 at 10 pm. Three sisters — Kanchan, Shamoli and Kakon are at the Siliguri station, waiting to board the train to Mumbai because they have lost their jobs in a tea estate. 

Kanchan, the oldest sister is responsible, caring and upright while Shamoli gets unwanted male attention because of her looks, and the youngest sister, Kakon loves to eat and is protected by the older sisters.

At midnight, their brother Raju wakes up the sisters in the train and tells them that they will have to do the remaining journey to Mumbai by road since he does not have enough money.

Raju makes the sisters get onto a truck with many other girls, who all are hoarded inside like cattle.

The truck finally arrives in Mumbai and the sisters are shocked to see that it’s a red light area.