Destructive mentality

Destructive mentality

The huge machines arrived and started felling the lovely trees one by one.

Humanitarian considerations take a back seat in development! My maid Dharmamma used to live in a small room behind a government office on a huge stretch of land.

This land had almost 80-100 huge trees and was a beautiful lung space for the ever growing housing locality around it. The trees gave shelter to hundreds of monkeys, birds, reptiles and insects. 

All of them used to live in harmony, without disturbing others. Dharmamma (true to her name) nurtured many dogs and cats during her stay there. Her pet dog Moti spent his last few months in her small room. Her brother dropped of a cute little female puppy named Laali in the compound, as she was not welcome in the apartment complex where he was a watchman. 

As soon as Laali came, Moti silently left the place, as he could not take the pranks of a puppy in his old-age. Dharmamma was saddened by Moti’s sudden disappearance and was first angry with Laali. As days passed, her affectionate for Laali grew. 

How can an acre of such a peaceful land not attract the eyes of land hawks?  All of a sudden Dharmamma was asked to vacate the room. She left the place and shifted off to another house about 3 kms away. While she left, she called Laali along but Laali hesitated.

Laali kept going back to the forlorn room and barked. Finally, Dharmamma left Laali back with a heavy heart.  Since Dharmamma comes to work for us everyday, she makes it a point to visit Laali at the site and feed her.

The huge machines arrived and started felling the lovely trees one by one.  The monkeys and birds have nowhere to go. They visit the houses around the place, especially those houses like ours, where there are trees. But, nobody wants them, so they shoo them away.

We feel sorry and give them food. We let them eat our coconuts, mangoes and gooseberries too. So, they happily stay in our compound for hours together. Yes, they do play pranks and destroy small plants and artifacts placed outside. But, we do not care.

Don’t we tolerate our children playing pranks?  But our neighbours hate us for our love for the animals.

When we go for evening walk, Laali comes running to us, wagging her tail.  She licks us and shows her love for us and our pet dogs. But she is so faithful to the place where she lives that she never leaves the compound. May be she thinks Dharmamma will definitely return one day and keeps guarding the room, which is now empty and awaits the monster machine for demolition.

This scene is heart-wrenching. God knows how many homes of birds have been destroyed on this site and how many young ones have lost their lives to the monster machines. Technology has made destruction very easy.

I am reminded of the noose-man, who cannot show his emotions while executing his job of hanging a person. After all he is paid for that!

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