Now, know the doctor on-board your train

Now, know the doctor on-board your train

The next time you face a health problem while travelling long distance on a train, chances of getting immediate medical aid are high. The only thing you will need to do is to meet the on-board train superintendant.

To keep passengers on long-distance trains informed about on-board allopathic doctors, the Northern Railway will print a separate chart showing details of doctors who are also travelling on the train. They will be identified with their bookings under concession.

Railway officials said the chart, which can be accessed by passengers, will be available with the train superintendant. “The doctors’ travel chart will be printed along with the train chart and handed over to the superintendant,” said Northern Railway spokesperson Neeraj Kumar.

“The superintendants have been told to use the services of doctors to provide medical aid to passengers in case anyone falls sick or during emergency,” added Kumar. He said the decision has been implemented immediately.

A decade ago, Indian Railway had offered 10 per cent concession in fares in all classes of Mail and Express trains to allopathic doctors having a minimum qualification of MBBS.
But the concessional tickets are issued only to the doctors who submit an undertaking that they will give medical aid to onboard passengers.

The tickets are issued on giving an undertaking along with a copy of the MBBS degree and registration certificate, declaring that the doctor carries an emergency medical kit.