Fun away from the campus

Fun away from the campus

Fun away from the campus

Every freshers’ day is bound to be fun — but what really elevates the experience is adding a theme to the occasion.

This is exactly what the senior students of Krupanidhi School of Management did, when they organised a welcome party called ‘Freskotero Mera 2012’ for the latest batch to enter the institute.

The event, which was organised at a hotel outside the college premises, was set to a Greek theme; and everyone — ranging from the coordinators to the freshers and even the faculty members — had to dress accordingly.

As the freshers trouped in — each sporting a different kind of toga or gown — they were welcomed by their seniors and spent quite a bit of time interacting with each other.

The senior students had also organised plenty of entertainment for the evening - there was a fashion show, for starters, and the freshers were also pitted against one another to determine who would  win the titles of ‘Mr Fresher’ and ‘Ms Fresher’. There were also a few cultural performances.

Priyanka, who emerged as this year’s ‘Ms Fresher’, says that the whole experience was fun-filled.

 “I wore a long gown,” she recalls, adding, “for the fresher competition, we had to walk the ramp and even go through a personality test. We were judged based on our confidence. I never expected to win — it was completely out of the blue. But I’m very happy about it, since we got a lot of attention.

A variety of other little competitions were organised for the occasion and prizes were given to the freshers who sported the longest hair, best high-heeled shoes and other such trinkets.

Kiran, who won the ‘Mr Fresher’ titled, says that everyone really dressed in his or her best for the event.

“Most colleges organise freshers’ day celebrations on the campus itself. But here, we were treated to a party outside, which made us feel special. We had a lot of fun. Most of us dressed in togas and took part in all the games. The fashion show was also very entertaining,” he smiles.

One of the highlights of the evening was that there was ample space for the seniors and juniors to get to know each other. And the fact that this was happening away from the college premises did a lot to cut down on the pressure between the different batches. “Our seniors are really friendly — they were interacting with us even while coordinating the whole event. In fact, at no point of time did they maintain their distance,” elaborates Priyanka.

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