Priests in Rajasthan rape woman, arrested

Priests in Rajasthan rape woman, arrested

Police have arrested two priests of a temple at Shivsinghpura near Shahpura in Jaipur district for kidnapping and raping a married woman in their chamber on the temple premises.

The woman in her complaint said the two temple priests forcefully confined her in their chamber and sexually assaulted her for three days. The police have arrested them.
Police said arrested Ashadas, 25, was the priest of Durgamatha Mandir while Shravan Kumar was the priest of adjacent Thakurji temple.

The victim is a resident of nearby village. While she was working in a field on Oct14 the accused made her target and took her to a room in the temple after gagging her, they added.

She was kept captive for three days and they repeatedly sexually assaulted her. On Oct 17 they released her after warning not to disclose the matter to anyone. However, the woman registered a complaint with the police on Sunday.

The villagers say that they were suspicious of priests’ activities.  They allege that priests might have targeted more women.

Police said Ashadas led a luxurious life with an air-conditioned chamber in the temple in this remote village.