Foreign hand behind anti-Gadkari campaign: BJP

Foreign hand behind anti-Gadkari campaign: BJP

The BJP and India Against Corruption traded more allegations on Tuesday with the main opposition speculating that Kejriwal’s allegations against Gadkari could have been influenced by IAC’s foreign funders. Kejriwal responded sharply by asking the BJP to disclose its source of funding for the past ten years.

“The main game of Kejriwal may be related to funding. The thing to be known is whether the funds belong to India or to the forces which want to weaken the country,” BJP mouth-piece ‘Kamal Sandesh’ said in its editorial.

A feisty Kejriwal retorted: “They have said we are being foreign funded. The list of all the donors to this movement is on our website. I challenge the BJP, if it has the guts and courage, let the BJP put the list of all the donors to the party for the last ten years."

“The BJP should not hide behind the Income Tax law which exempts mentioning of the names of those who donate below Rs 20,000. Let them put the list of all the donors less than Rs 20,000 so that the country knows which are those coal beneficiaries or other industrial houses who got contracts from the BJP and BJP-ruled states,” he said. The BJP mouthpiece has strongly supported Gadkari and termed Kejriwal’s allegations against him as “falsehood”.

Meanwhile, the IAC said it is ready with one more expose. Though it declined to divulge the target this time, it could be related to the ongoing campaign against Robert Vadra or another UPA heavyweight.